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Why should I choose Ferrara for my Erasmus?

Because you are going to love Ferrara! It's an adorable town where you will find what you need. The atmosphere is full of culture, art, music...and good food! The Conservatory of Ferrara is 146 years old, and the professors are competent and qualified.

But, let's have a look to what Ferrara can offer you:

Ferrara is located on the North East of Italy, on the Po river delta zone. The city has a good position in order to easily reach  important cities such as Bologna, Venice, Padua, Florence...

The region of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, is well known for its delicious products and food, and apart from this, Ferrara has its very own typical cuisine.

Ferrara is a World Heritage Site, thanks to its historic monuments, streets, and palaces. During the Renaissance the city has its golden age, it was one of the main centre of culture in Italy, and home of artists such as Ludovico Ariosto, Torquato Tasso, Paracelso, Andrea Mantegna, and Girolamo Frescobaldi, to whom is entitled the Conservatory.

Jewel of Ferrara is its theatre: Teatro comunale "Claudio Abbado" ( Every season there are notable classical concerts, as well as operas, ballets, and drama productions.

On the other hand, the house of jazz in Ferrara is the Torrione San Giovanni, a renaissance tower, where the Jazz Club ( organizes international concerts each week.

Loads of events are going on during the year. One of the most remarkable is the Palio, a sort of inter district race, the very first one was organized on 1279!

The Conservatory itself organizes events, concerts and festivals, such as the small Festival of Classical Guitar "In Corde", or miXXer, dedicated to the music of XX century. The students will have the possibility to perform in historical locations such as Palazzo Bonaccossi, Palazzo Costabili, Palazzo Ludovico Il Moro, or even the Teatro Comunale and its Ridotto. During the year, international musicians and professors come to the Conservatory for doing masterclasses or concert-lessons.

In addition to this, in 2013, a pianist from Ferrara now living in New York, created the Ferrara Piano Festival (, which gives the opportunity to take lessons with outstanding pianists.

Then there are amazing music festivals such as the Ferrara Buskers Festival (, and Ferrara sotto le stelle (, and other ones like the International Kite Festival (, or  the Balloons Festival ( In October, there is a very famous Festival where the public can listen to workshops, debates, interviews, dialogues held by international journalists, reporters, writers, artists. (

So, don't worry, you will find something to do during your free time. Moreover, during the day we really suggest to take a stroll or doing jogging on the incredible conserved Walls, as lots of people do. During the night, the students gather around the city centre, where there are good clubs, bars, and pubs.

If you want to discover Ferrara a bit more:

Studying at Conservatorio Frescobaldi as an Erasmus student

-What can I study?

For the lists of courses have a look here:

For more details do not hesitate to contact the Erasmus office:  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Admission requirements

First of all it is necessary the presence of a bilateral agreement between your home school and the Conservatorio of Ferrara. In addition to the Learning Agreement, we expect you to send us a CD with around 30 minutes of playing time.


-How do I get there?

By plane:

The nearest airport is the one of Bologna, "Guglielmo Marconi". Bologna's airport is just 53 km from Ferrara, and is well connected with a lot of destinations in Europe and overseas. There is a shuttle providing the transfer from the airport to Ferrara, it costs 15 €, it takes sixty minutes, and runs eight times a day Alternatively, there is a  bus every 20 minutes from the airport to Bologna Centrale railway station, where you can find 30 minutes trains to Ferrara each hour. Please have a look at the website of the airport for more information about the scheduled flights

The airport of Venice, "Marco Polo" is 117 km from Ferrara. If you arrive there you can take the shuttle to Venezia Mestre railway station, there's one every 20 minutes. From Venezia Mestre railway station you should then take a train to Ferrara, which takes circa 1 hour and 20 minutes. Have a look here:

Verona's airport "Valerio Catullo" is 115 km from Ferrara. After taking the shuttle from the airport to Verona railway station you can take the train to Ferrara (with a change in Padova or Rovigo), you will arrive there in around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

By train:

The railway station of Ferrara is connected with different cities, you can have a look to these websites to find and book your journey:

Ferrara is directly connected with cities such Bologna or Venice where international  trains arrive (from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, etc). These websites might be useful:

Transport inside Ferrara

Ferrara is called "the city of bicycles" (and there's even written on the road sign when entering inside the city!). Thus, if you really want to live as a ferrarese, you must hire or buy a bike and use it to move around the city. You should get used to deal with the pedestrians  inside the city centre, where cars are not allowed, and always remember to park your bike in a safe place and with a good bike chain.

In any case, Ferrara has also a good service of buses, for more information have a look here:

The Conservatory is very near to the Theatre, which is near to the Cathedral, which is near to the Castle, and on and on, you got it: Ferrara is not very big, and inside the city centre you can just walk around and you'll easily reach your destinations.

Looking for accomodation

ER.GO - SUC (Information-office Unico Casa) online

From the site of L'Azienda Regionale per ilDiritto agli Studi Superiori - ER.GO it is possible to have access to the service called SUC (information office Unico Casa) that can verify the housing  availability of the 44Residences ER.GO .

Once having chosen the accommodation and period  for booking, you can then check out the cost of the stay. When  decided , you will then need to register the booking.

Medical assistance

EU students can have medical assistance if : they have a European Health Insurance Card  (in Italian language T.E.A.M.= Tessera Europea Assicurazione Malattia) issued by the country of origin that allows the student to receive all necessary medical treatments.  If necessary, they can go directly to a General Pratictioner (G.P. /doctor) who is operating with the National Health Service (SSN) who can supply the treatment, whether general or specialist or go directly to any hospital located in the area.

  • they have the E106 Form with this, they have the right to receive a complete sanitary service. The E106 Form is issued by the health authorities of the country of origin. The E 106 form can be requested by anyone who is insured in their own country.

For a period of stay lasting more than three months , it is possible to enroll at  SSN presenting the  E106 form.

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